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    “Dr. Benest is one of the finest colleagues I have in the area. I refer to her practice frequently because as a dermatologist I can appreciate quality when I see it! Highly recommend!”
    - Tanya K.
    “Dr. Larian is always efficient, knowledgeable, and personable. I enjoy having him as my dermatologist and trust him.”
    - Megan B.
    “Dr. Larian was kind and affable. He provided a thorough examination of my moles. I appreciated him taking the time to answer my questions and provide advice.”
    - Betsy H.
    “I've had a skin issue throughout my whole life and Dr. Benest was the only dermatologist that could help me with my problem. I was amazed that she was able to resolve my issue within a short time.”
    - Nancy R.
    “I trust Dr. Larian to take care of my children’s skin conditions and will go nowhere else! Incredibly kind staff, and family-oriented and very intellectual doctors who love what they do. Dr. Larian and his team truly care about your health and happiness.”
    - Cena F.
    “Dr. Benest was incredibly thorough and ensured that I was well taken care of not only when it came to dermatology, but also with everything else. It's nice to find a doctor who understands the root of body issues and works to address them.”
    - Emily Z.
    “I have been seeing Dennie for several years now and have never had an adverse effect or a treatment that she didn't do beautifully. She is a good advisor on new treatments and what is best for me. She is artistic at what she does.”
    - Deanna H.
    “Dr. Benest has been my dermatologist for the last ten years. She has an earnest desire to excel in her undertakings, a natural capacity to relate to anyone and a keen interest in helping others. She impressed me with her wide knowledge of medicine.”
    - Joseph S.
    “I'm happy with the service I received from Dr. Larian. He was very professional and helpful in handling what I came to see him about. I would recommend him to others.”
    - Susan L.
    “I have been going to Dr. Benest for over 10 years. I would give her an A+ for good service, her knowledge, and the personal care she gives. That is exactly what I needed and wanted. She is such a professional and is easy to work with.”
    - Kirk R.
    “Most people compliment my skin. My skin and I owe it all to Dr. Benest. She has taken the greatest care of my skin that anyone could hope for. I no longer live in LA, but I advise her office when I visit town.”
    - Joanne A.
    “Yesterday I saw Dr. Benest for the first time. What a breath of fresh air. A doctor that is not only compassionate but understanding of someone who wants to use more natural salutations for a health-related issue. Everyone was outstanding.”
    - Leza L.
    “Dr. Benest has treated me for over 8 years now. I started with her with terrible acne. My complexion is beautiful now! Over the years I have gone to her for the icky stuff like warts and rashes and acne.”
    - Stephanie G.
    “Dr. Benest is an exceptionally brilliant doctor. I trust her to understand what is going on with my skin. I have been seeing her since 2004 and she has handled my precancerous bumps and cancerous spots. Thanks to her it was caught and never spread.”
    - Ellen P.
    “Five stars for Dr. Larian. He did a great job of explaining symptoms, the necessary treatment, and identifying previously unknown spots that I had. Perfect wait time during my second appointment, I arrived about 20 minutes early and went back immediately.”
    - Morgon C.