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4D Facelift

4D Facelift in Burbank, CA

Improve Wrinkles, Sags, and Other Signs of Aging

4D Facelift is truly comprehensive in the way it revitalizes your skin and makes you look so much younger. It does not address just one sign of aging, but numerous symptoms. The end result being a fresher, glowing appearance without injectables or surgery.

What Makes 4D Facelift Different From Other Cosmetic Facelift Procedures?

  • Noninvasive for patient comfort and safety.
  • Immediately noticeable results with full treatment taking about three months.
  • Minimal pain or discomfort – patients usually just feel warm sensations.
  • No downtime is required after a treatment session.
4D Facelift Works

4D Facelift Works in Four Amazing Steps

  1. SmoothLiftin™: A revolutionary intraoral heating treatment that helps stimulate the collagen of your face to contract, which causes noticeable improvements to skin tightness.
  2. FRAC3®: A targeted treatment for specific problem areas not readily improved by the first step. FRAC3® is also capable of making skin look glowing or younger.
  3. PIANO®: The use of a cosmetic laser to heat skin tissues already treated in step 1 and 2. The energy of the laser stimulates the skin to tighten itself.
  4. SupErficial™: For the final step of 4D Facelift, a light peel is applied to the skin, further eliminating imperfections and creating a beautiful iridescent sheen to the skin.

Discover the many benefits of 4D Facelift for yourself today.

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