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Laser Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Restoration in Burbank, CA

Advanced Dermatology Center uses laser hair restoration to stimulate hair growth and improve hair quantity and quality. Our Fotona PS03 handpiece, using lower-level laser therapy (LLLT), offers a convenient and straightforward approach to hair restoration. By placing the handpiece on the scalp and moving it in a crosshatch pattern, the "soft" or "cold" lasers are absorbed by the cells. This process enhances circulation and promotes hair regrowth without heat, vibration, or sound.

Hair restoration

Benefits of laser hair restoration include:

  • It is painless
  • There is no downtime
  • There are no side effects
  • Hair quality and quantity are better
  • Hair growth is accelerated
  • It stops the progression of hair loss
  • It usually costs much less than hair transplant surgery

Are You a Candidate for LLLT Hair Restoration?

  • Laser hair restoration using Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is suitable for men and women with mild to moderate hair thinning. It is not effective for advanced hair loss with a smooth scalp lacking hair follicles. If there is remaining hair, there is a good chance of reversing and halting hair loss. Our board-certified dermatologist will assess your medical history and perform a physical exam during an in-person consultation to determine your eligibility for LLLT therapy.
  • Additionally, it's important to consider the time commitment. Each treatment session lasts approximately 30 minutes, with an average of 6 sessions scheduled every 2-4 weeks. Following the completion of treatments, maintenance typically involves one session every 6 months to sustain results.