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Fotona Acne Treatment

Fotona Acne Treatment in Burbank, CA

​For people with noticeable acne and acne scarring, finding a worthwhile and lasting solution can be a frustration. For those who have discovered the benefits of Fotona laser treatments, though, acne treatments can be a breeze!


Why do so many people love Fotona laser acne treatments? 

  • Safe procedure with no surgery or medication
  • Precision laser targets exactly where needed
  • Skin texture and tone both improve
  • Quick procedures cause little to no discomfort

How Fotona Lasers Work to Treat Acne

Using laser treatment to treat your acne might sound like science fiction, but it is science fact thanks to Fotona! The laser system uses a pair of laser wavelengths to target either active acne or acne scars. As a result, it can reduce the number of acne spots and clean up your skin where there were once pockmarks.

The lasers used to treat acne are :

  • Nd:YAG laser: Specifically heats overactive sebaceous glands on the skin, reducing active acne inflammation and encouraging the natural healing process.
  • Er:YAG laser: Targets the first micro-layers of the skin to trigger collagen production, filling in scars left behind by acne.

The Fotona laser system has been specially created to use these two types of laser wavelengths. Our team of Burbank cosmetic dermatologists can easily choose the right setting based on your acne treatment needs. The system also allows for highly precise calibration and customization, so you know you are always getting the best possible acne treatment for you.