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Active FX

Active FX-Total FX in Burbank, CA

This treatment combines our Active FX and Deep FX lasers and works by smoothing and remodeling the skin’s surface, while at the same time stimulating collagen production deeper down. Excellent for wrinkles, acne scars and traumatic scars. Results continue to improve for 6 months.

About Active FX-Total FX

  • Treatment & Description - Active FX / Total FX is a revolutionary fractional laser for aged, sun-damaged or acne scarred skin.
  • Area Treated - The face and neck are the most common areas treated. Other areas of the body can be treated as well, particularly when treating scars.
  • The Treatment - With the Active FX / Total FX treatment, a high-energy beam of laser light interacts with the various layers of the skin causing renewal and regeneration.
  • Results - The Total FX laser reduces wrinkles and fine lines while noticeably improving skin tone and texture. Acne and traumatic scars are greatly lessened.
  • Series of Treatments Consist of - Usually 2 treatments are needed, but with more advanced scarring or deep wrinkling, further treatments may be needed as well.
  • Treatment Interval - Typically intervals are 2-3 months apart.
  • Treatment Time - 2 hours including numbing time
  • Recovery Time - 5-7 days