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4 Skin Concerns Chemical Peels Can Improve

Chemical peels are popular aesthetic treatments that can address various dermatological issues and result in smooth and more youthful-looking skin. During the treatment, your provider applies a chemical solution to your skin and lets it is for a specific time before removing it. You can expect your treatment to take up to one hour depending on what type of peel you receive.

During your initial consultation, your dermatologist can perform a physical examination and review your medical history to make sure that you are a good candidate for chemical peels. They can also ask questions about any current medication and your skin care products. Based on this information, they can recommend one or more chemical peel options to achieve your desired results.

Chemical peels come in various depths: light, medium, and deep. You may get a light or medium multiple times, but a deep one is typically a one-time occurrence and requires a more extensive recovery time. Light chemical peels allow you to resume your normal activities right away although you may experience some redness or irritation for a few hours. You can generally get a light chemical peel per month to maintain your glow.

#1 Fine Lines

Chemical peels resurface your skin by removing its top layer. They can reduce fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, and around the mouth. You can enjoy results right after a single session although you may need more than one peel in your initial treatment before moving to maintenance ones.

If you have deep wrinkles, your dermatologist may recommend either a one-time deep chemical peel if you have the option to take some time to recover or different aesthetic treatments. Full recovery from a deep peel and maximum results usually require several months.

#2 Discoloration

Depending on the extent of skin discoloration you are experiencing, a light or medium chemical peel may help. Many people associate chemical peels with facial treatments, but your provider can also use them on your neck, chest, or hands to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Whether you want to reduce the appearance of brown spots, freckles, or melasma, a customized chemical peel can rejuvenate your appearance.

#3 Sun Damage

UV rays due to sustained and/or unprotected sun exposure can lead to premature aging. Chemical peels can help reduce some signs of sun damage including sunspots, hyperpigmentation, or early wrinkles, although you should wear sunscreen throughout the seasons to maintain healthy skin.

#4 Tone and Texture

By revealing younger skin cells and promoting their growth process, chemical peels can even your skin tone and texture. This fresher look is possible even with a light chemical peel thanks to the way it exfoliates dead and dry skin cells.

The healthier skin that appears following a chemical peel is even beneficial to your at-home skin care routine. The younger skin generally has a higher absorption rate, which makes your beauty regimen more effective.

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