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Limit Your Alcohol Consumption for Radiant Skin

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that women do not consume more than one alcoholic drink per day, and men do not have more than two. Excessive alcohol intake is associated with many health issues including liver damage and sleep disruption. In addition to those, alcohol negatively impacts the quality and youthfulness of your skin. From duller complexion or redness to premature wrinkles, drinking too much alcohol can affect your skin even when you otherwise take good care of it with a daily skin regimen and sunscreen.

Alcohol Causes Dehydration

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body, including your skin. This can lead to flaking and itching, and even dark circles under your eyes. In addition to its annoying short-term impact that includes headaches and dryer skin, cumulative dehydration leads to sagging, early wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores. This is why you want to make sure that you drink enough water, usually a glass of water for each alcoholic drink you have, to support your body’s functions and your skin’s health.

Alcohol Ages Your Skin Faster

Another way in which alcohol causes your skin to age faster is through oxidative stress. This happens when too many free radicals are present in your body. They result in stress damage to all cell types. Although exposure to free radicals occurs every day due to the environment and our food, alcohol has a double impact: it releases free radicals in your body and interferes with our body’s defense against them, which can increase damage.

If you combine alcohol with junk food including highly processed and high in fat, sugar, or salt, foods, the aging process can accelerate even more. Minimizing your alcohol intake is an important step to taking care of your skin but ensuring that you eat a balanced diet full of vital nutrients is also key to maintaining your skin’s health.

Alcohol Leads to Skin Inflammation

Another way in which heavy alcohol consumption can damage your skin is by causing skin inflammation. Even healthy youthful skin can face premature aging and your body deal with artery issues due to alcohol-related inflammation, especially if it becomes chronic.

Skin inflammation can lead to:

Alcohol Worsens Existing Skin Conditions

Drinking alcohol can be especially detrimental to your skin if you have existing dermatological conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, or active acne. Although the occasional drink may not be too problematic, excessive intake can result in flare-ups, excessive redness, and painful breakouts. It may even trigger chronic inflammation. Heavy drinking can even limit your options for treatment in certain cases or be contraindicated with medication.

Choose Moderation and Appropriate Skin Care to Keep Your Glow

Reducing your alcohol intake is the way to go to preserve your healthy and youthful skin. Opting for clear spirits with no additives like gin, tequila, or vodka can also help. When you decide to enjoy a drink, make sure to drink plenty of water in between to stay hydrated. You should also eat a full and balanced meal before or while you are drinking alcohol to minimize the effects of alcohol on your body. Drinking less as you age can also make a positive difference as your metabolism may slow down.

Regardless of your alcohol consumption, you need to take care of your skin every day. Using quality products that address your skin type and any specific needs is vital to maintaining healthy skin. Make sure to wear sunscreen every day to slow down the aging process and reduce your risk of skin cancer. Consulting a dermatologist is always a good idea to support your skin’s health at any age.

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