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What Spa Treatments Can I Enjoy When Pregnant?

A trip to the spa is a relaxing self-care opportunity at any stage of your life. During pregnancy, the extra pampering can lift your mood and boost your confidence. Check with your spa what their recommendations are because some may only offer services after the first trimester or no later than your 32nd week of pregnancy. Many women feel their best during their second trimester and choose this time to treat themselves.

While you should avoid certain treatments, especially those involving heat and certain chemicals, you still have several spa options to enjoy when expecting.


Facials are versatile treatments that your aesthetician can tailor to your dermatological needs. Whether you need to rehydrate your skin, get rid of pimples, boost your body’s collagen production, or just get and maintain that pregnancy glow, facials have many benefits.

You may even enjoy steam facials since steam on the face has no impact on your core body temperature, contrary to hot baths or saunas. Check with your provider, but peels or facials involving chemicals like salicylic acids, are usually not recommended during pregnancy. You may also want to avoid facials with retinoid ingredients because they can enter your bloodstream after application to your skin.

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are a safe way to relax and nurture your skin. When talking with your aesthetician, make sure that no heat is involved in the process and that any oil they use is scent-free. You should avoid certain pure essential oils while pregnant like sage, wintergreen, rosemary, and mugwort because they can have harmful effects on your baby if applied directly to your skin.

Prioritize gentle ingredients for a hydrating and relaxing experience. Sugar-based scrubs are especially effective to rejuvenate your skin and support its health. Your provider often uses a hydrating lotion afterward, which makes your skin smooth and radiant.

Body scrubs can:

  • Boost your natural collagen and elastin production
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch mark
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Encourage cell renewal

Manicures and Pedicures

Many future mothers ask whether they can still get their nails done while pregnant, and the answer is yes. If you enjoy mani-pedis, you can continue to do so to pamper yourself while pregnant. Since nail services are short and affordable, you can easily make an appointment for some fun me-time. Make sure to let your salon know about your pregnancy to help them choose appropriate options.

Safety precautions to keep in mind include:

  • Avoid feet or hand massage
  • Choose alternatives to acrylic nails or powder dips
  • Stay clear of polishes that include phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde

Gels are alright as long as the salon is well ventilated. Be mindful that the smells of certain nail products may cause nausea or headaches. If you experience any of this during the treatment, let your provider know and take a short break to get some fresh air outside. You can also opt to wear a mask to minimize this type of side effect while relaxing.

Hair Removal

Hair growth can increase during pregnancy and getting professional hair removal can be not only convenient but also a huge mood booster. Besides shaving, other safe methods are waxing and threading. If you are looking for lasting hair removal with laser treatments, you should postpone them until after you give birth.

You may want to use a gentle exfoliant and moisturize generously the day before your appointment. Let your spa provider know that you are pregnant so they can adjust your position during your waxing treatment.

If you experience post-waxing redness, you can use a cold compress or a safe substance like aloe vera gel or coconut oil to soothe your inflamed skin.

Prenatal Massage

Professional massages can be a fantastic part of your self-care routine, and prenatal massages performed by a professional are safe throughout your pregnancy unless your doctor recommends otherwise. If you experience morning sickness during your first trimester, you may want to wait until the second one.

Prenatal massages can have the following benefits:

  • Relieve back pain
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Relaxation and happier mood
  • Less stress
  • Fewer labor complications

Always let your provider know that you are expecting. Most masseuses will provide treatment while you are lying on your side with pillows set to safely prop you up. They may also offer neck and shoulder massages while you are sitting up. Your massage therapist will keep away from massaging your stomach for safety reasons.

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