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Why You Should Never Pop a Pimple

Many people experience pimples throughout their lives. This skin problem happens when excess sebum, bacteria, and/or dead skin cells accumulate and become trapped in one of your pores. They are visible and interfere with your complexion. Pimples are usually tender if you touch them. Hormones, bacteria, and allergic reactions are common causes of pimples.

Although it is tempting to pop yours and get rid of it, you should always refrain from doing so as it can have negative consequences for your skin health and look. As frustrating as pimples can be, you should let them be, use dermatologist-recommended products, or schedule an appointment with yours to discuss a possible extraction.

Types of Pimples

  • Whiteheads: Your clogged pore involves white pus forming under your skin giving it its color.
  • Blackheads: If the debris and oil in your clogged pore become exposed to air, your pimple can look black.
  • Pustules: These red and inflamed blemishes happen due to deep acne and can result in scarring/

You Can Aggravate Your Pimple

Popping a pimple can also increase your risk of inflammation due to any bacteria that may be on your fingers. This can negatively affect the pre-existing inflammation in your pore. From redness to swelling, the area where you popped a pimple can look worse and feel more painful afterward.

Another significant issue when popping a pimple is that you are pushing the excess sebum, debris, and bacteria deeper into your skin. You may think that you successfully took care of your pimple after popping it, but a short while later, it looks larger and redder due to the aggravated inflammation in your deeper skin layers.

You Interfere with Your Body’s Healing Process

The pimple raises as part of your body’s recovery process as the skin attempts get back to normal. If you pick or pop a pimple, you are getting in the way of this natural healing process. This can set you back and even worsen the previous issue.

If you pop a pimple, you may not only aggravate it, but your skin now has an additional issue with the open wound you created when exposing what was under the skin to the air. This can result in irritated and red skin, which must heal too.

You May Can Cause Scars

Popping a pimple cause a lesion in the skin which can lead to scarring. Acne scarring can require dermatological attention and targeted treatment to reduce its appearance. If you pop a pimple, it can result in not only a scab and temporary darkened skin but also a scar.

If you regularly pop pimples, you may develop acne nodules in your deeper skin tissues or acne cysts that require medical attention.

If You Need an Extraction, Let Your Dermatologist Take Care of It

If you have frequent pimples, you should schedule a consultation with your dermatologist or find one in your area. They can help evaluate your skin and provide an accurate diagnosis of what causes your pimples. If you experience cystic acne, a painful pimple, and/or one that does not go away, you should also consider speaking with a professional.

Should you need an extraction for your pimple, your dermatologist can take care of it safely. They use sterile instruments to carefully clear the infected area and minimize your risk of scarring. A medical provider can also give you aftercare instructions and recommend specific skin care products or medical treatments to prevent future outbreaks.

Do you need professional attention to address frequent pimples? Contact Advanced Dermatology Center today at (818) 284-4003 to schedule an appointment in Burbank!