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Why You Shouldn’t Pop a Sebaceous Cyst

What is a Sebaceous Cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are hardened, fluid/pus-filled bumps underneath the skin. They may be very small (about pea-sized) to 5 centimeters across. They usually appear as a yellow or white lump on your skin and they often do not cause any pain. They can occur anywhere on the body, and they are non-cancerous and not life-threatening, although many find them unsightly and uncomfortable, especially if they rub against clothing.

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As much as you probably want to get rid of what appears to be a big pimple as soon as possible, these sebaceous cysts are not pimples. They are underneath the surface of the skin, whereas a pimple is at the surface of the skin. Cysts form from keratin becoming trapped near a hair follicle or blocked skin duct under the skin.

Can You Pop a Sebaceous Cyst?

The problem with attempting to pop a sebaceous cyst is that it will likely refill because sebaceous cysts have an entire wall. Removing this wall, or sac, will prevent it from coming back. Also, a DIY sebaceous cyst removal can be painful and lead to infection if the resulting wound requires stitches to close, which is usually the case except for pinhead-sized cysts. You may also notice a foul odor from the fluid that comes from the cyst.

How Is a Sebaceous Cyst Treated?

Your dermatologist will evaluate the area to assess whether it is a cyst or some other type of skin blemish. If your dermatologist determines that the cyst requires surgical excision, they will remove the entire cyst, including the cyst wall. If the cyst is severely inflamed, your dermatologist may recommend waiting a minimum of 4 weeks for the inflammation to resolve.

The outlook of sebaceous cyst removal by a dermatologist is good. With proper treatment, your cyst should not come back. While these cysts are harmless and not a health issue, they are often unsightly and embarrassing.

At Advanced Dermatology Center, we can help improve your skin, whether you have a sebaceous cyst or some other type of skin concern. If you have concerns about your skin, it’s best to see a doctor, especially a dermatologist, who can give you the proper evaluation and treatment as a medical skincare specialist.

If you have a sebaceous cyst, do not attempt to pop it yourself or with another person’s help- this could lead to an infection, or you might not remove the entire cyst and then require more extensive dermatological treatment down the line. Please call (818) 284-4003 to book your consultation.