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Fractional Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatments to Refresh Your Appearance

Sometimes skincare can feel like an uphill battle if you are just relying on store bought creams and kits. When you really want to make a positive difference on the quality and youthfulness of your skin, you need to start thinking about letting a medical and cosmetic dermatologist help. In particular, if you have stubborn and noticeable age lines that make you feel less confident each time you see them in the mirror, a breakthrough dermatological treatment may help: fractional skin resurfacing laser treatment.

How Does Fractional Resurfacing Laser Treatment Work?

Do not be put off by the sci-fi sounding name of this laser treatment. Cosmetic dermatologists have been working hard around the clock and calendar to perfect fractional resurfacing laser treatments into an effective, low-irritation method of skin rejuvenation. It works by combining two laser frequencies into one simultaneous treatment. The first laser encourages your skin to replace the top, weather-worn layer while the second laser actually stimulates your skin to replenish its collagen supplies, which originate in deeper layers.

Quick checklist of what you should know about fractional skin resurfacing laser treatments:

  • Results begin to show soon after initial treatments, but many patients see continual improvement across the next six months.
  • Ideal for aged, wrinkled, sun-damaged, or scarred skin around the face and neck.
  • Treatment is usually completed after two sessions, each spaced about two months apart, but severe scarring or deep age lines may require more treatment intervals.
  • Accompanying dermatological treatments between treatment intervals is recommended for best results.
  • Up to two hours may be needed to complete a single treatment session, depending on the size of the target area.
  • Patients typically report only mild irritation during the treatment, which fades gradually. Full recovery time for a single session may be up to seven days.

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