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How Can the Smoothbeam Laser Treat My Acne?

Smoothbeam laser, an FDA-approved treatment has shown promising results for those who want to quickly and comfortably target their active acne, acne scars, and fine lines. Acne can be difficult to treat with over-the-counter washes and topical creams, because it does not effectively target the overactive sebaceous glands that cause the acne. The Smoothbeam laser works by emitting light wavelengths not visible to the naked eye, which then specifically target the sebaceous glands by using the principles of selective photothermolysis and deeply penetrating the skin, which over-the-counter skin creams simply cannot do. This form of laser technology targets the damaged skin without affecting surrounding healthy skin. The 1450 nm laser wavelength of the Smoothbeam is primarily attracted to water in the skin, which has little attraction to other skin structures, such as melanin (the skin’s pigment).

Smoothbeam Laser for Acne

Smoothbeam is best used in conjunction with other effective acne treatments prescribed by a dermatologist. It may be used along with medications, topical agents, or other therapies recommended by a skincare specialist. The Smoothbeam laser adds another treatment in the fight against acne and can help you get the results you want more quickly.

How Does Smoothbeam Affect Acne Scars?

The laser works by triggering new collagen production, spurring the body to lift acne scars from the inside out, so to speak. That means the look of your scars can be improved without burning or cutting the skin’s surface. Rather, the action occurs underneath the skin. This also means you won’t have any significant pain or peeling, because the laser works at such a deep level. Another appeal of Smoothbeam for acne scars is that there is no need for recovery time, as there is minimal, if any, redness or swelling.

Acne has many causes, which is why it can be so difficult to treat. However, recent research shows that some patients see an improvement of up to 90% in just 3 to 4 Smoothbeam treatments and their results last as long as 18 months.

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