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SmoothMode Activated! - Cosmetic Laser Treatment for Scar Removal

While there is certainly no shame in having scars, there is also no shame in wanting them removed. For some people, a single visible scar can mar their beauty and make them lose self-confidence in day-to-day situations. For others, they are not self-conscious about their visible scars but still would prefer if they were not there.

In the past, scar removal procedures were complex and difficult. Today, with the newly refined Fotona Dynamis Pro laser system, you can easily achieve a noticeable reduction in the appearance of your scars through a cosmetic laser treatment called SmoothMode.

Activating SmoothMode to Look & Feel Better

SmoothMode is a laser-based cosmetic treatment that targets scars with precise laser applications and wavelengths. The heat of the laser safely, painlessly, and steadily removes the upper layers of scars, making them more difficult to notice, especially after multiple treatment sessions. However, SmoothMode is much more than just a surface level solution for unwanted scars, no matter where they may be on your body.

Thanks to the high-tech Dynamis Pro laser system from Fotona, a SmoothMode procedure can actually stimulate the skin beneath your scars. The underlying layers of your skin contain collagen and collagen-producing cells. The careful laser application to your scar will reduce visible appearances while also stimulating collagen production, resulting in a naturally healthier area of skin. As your skin starts to heal and become more flexible with the added collagen, it will work in tandem with the laser’s surface treatments, resulting in a breathtaking reduction of scar tissue and appearance.

SmoothMode can help reduce the appearance of:

  • Acne scars
  • Surgery scars
  • Scars from past injuries
  • Stretchmarks

You will be love SmoothMode even more once you realize its potential to actively control acne. People with acne scars generally have overactive sebaceous glands in problem areas. SmoothMode laser treatments can temper these glands, reducing them in size and production. Yes, SmoothMode can eliminate current acne scars and prevent future ones from appearing, all with a quick cosmetic laser treatment.

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