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Look Younger with Youthful Eyes, All Thanks to Eyelase

Everyone knows that the eyes are the poetic window to our souls. When you see someone with bright, shining eyes, you know instinctively that they are feeling well, happy, and content. On the other hand, people with exhausted eyes give off a feeling of tiredness, and even sadness, to everyone who sees them.

If you are worried that your eyes are not fairly representing who you are and making bad first impressions, then it might be time to consider using Eyelase laser treatments. With Eyelase, you can rejuvenate your eyes to look and feel youthful again without any invasive surgery. When combined with other laser treatments made possible through the Fotona Dynamis Pro laser system, Eyelase can fully revitalize your appearance.

The top three benefits of Eyelase are:

  • Reduce bagginess: As you age, the bagginess under your eyes will start to become more and more noticeable. Stress and a lack of sleep will exaggerate the bagginess, though. Eyelase can tighten baggy skin folds under your eyes and dramatically reduce their appearance across several sessions. Some Eyelase patients may even see improvements after just one session.
  • Minimize creases: Eyes surrounded by creases can look strained or pained. Not exactly conducive with an inviting smile. Using Eyelase, large creases can be minimized and you can start to feel youthful when looking at your own reflection again.
  • Eliminate fine lines: Nothing adds years to your appearance faster than fine lines and crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes. The skin tightening Dynamis Pro laser used in Eyelase treatments is renowned for taking care of fine lines. Many patients enjoy a total elimination of fine lines, sometimes in just a single session.

Perhaps best of all, women who use a long makeup routine each morning to cover up the appearance of tiredness and aging around the eyes can replace all of that with Eyelase. Say goodbye to your bag of concealers and oversized sunglasses and say hello to Eyelase laser treatments.

Advanced Dermatology Center in Burbank is comprised of a leading team of medical and cosmetic dermatologists. We are well-versed in the use of the Fotona laser and the cosmetic laser treatments it enables. If you think Eyelase might be right for you, please call us at (818) 284-4003 to discuss your options with a member of our team.