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Liplase: The Cosmetic Laser Treatment On Everyone's Lips

One glance at fashion today and it is clear that full, plump, and youthful looking lips are in. From foreign fashion trends to major Hollywood productions, models and movie stars alike are striving for a pouty, alluring look. How can you achieve plump lips without the use of cosmetic surgery?

You could begin with a big bag of makeup and hours trying to perfect the appearance of your lips each morning. Or, you could use Liplase! Using a Fotona Dynamis Pro laser system, Liplase targets the collagen under the surface of your lips, stimulating it and increasing its natural production. As you may know, collagen is instrumental in helping skin look young and feel soft. When used in the hands of a professional cosmetic dermatologist, Liplase laser treatment and its collagen-stimulating properties can give you plumper lips in no time.

What You Should Know About Liplase

As with any cosmetic dermatology procedure, Liplase might not be right for everyone. Before you decide to use Liplase to fill out and invigorate your lips, you should talk with your dermatologist about Liplase, how it works, and what it does.

Here are some key details about Liplase you should keep in mind:

  • It is made possible by using an advanced Dynamis Pro laser from Fotona.
  • A single session will usually take less than half an hour.
  • To stimulate and refine your lips, Liplase uses gentle heat from the laser, which may feel like drops of hot water at times. Otherwise, the procedure is considered to be relatively painless.
  • Multiple sessions – about three on average – may be needed to achieve the full plump lip effect.
  • Results will last 5 weeks on average, but may fade sooner or later, depending on the health of your lips.
  • Your lips can feel dry in the days immediately following a Liplase session, so you should use a gentle moisturizing lip treatment or balm regularly.

Are you pouting for pouty lips? Get the plump, youthful lips of your dreams with Liplase by calling (818) 284-4003 and speaking with a cosmetic dermatology nurse from Advanced Dermatology Center in Burbank. During this free consultation*, you can learn more about Liplase, its benefits, and whether or not you want to use the cosmetic laser treatment. (* Fees will apply for an appointment or consultation with one of our Doctors.)