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How Do Botox and Dysport Work?

When people start talking about restoring youthful appearances in their face, as well as eliminating wrinkles and age lines, sooner than later someone is going to bring up those household names Botox or Dysport. Arguably the most popular cosmetic dermatological injection treatment in the world, Botox and Dysport can work wonders for people combating typical signs of aging. But just what is this fast and easy treatment option and how does it work? The answers may surprise you.

The Science Behind Botox and Dysport Injections

The protein botulinum toxin is probably not a name you recognize, unless you are a chemist or toxicologist, but it is actually the primary compound in Botox and Dysport. Yes, you read that correctly. Botox is derived from this naturally occurring protein. However, since it is not the complete botulinum protein, one cannot get botulism from Botox or Dysport. How is it that something that sounds so menacing could be so helpful and cause so little side effects or discomfort in treatments? We all have science to thank for that.

Contracting our muscles over and over again, such as by repeated frowning, creates a crease in the skin. Eventually this crease becomes a persistent wrinkle, even when the muscles are at rest, much like a piece of paper that retains a crease after folding it.

The protein botulinum toxin becomes incredibly useful and harmless when carefully controlled, diluted, and administered in small amounts. Botox takes advantage of the protein’s ability to relax muscles by preventing nerves from communicating with muscles. When you break that communication, the muscles don’t get the message telling them to contract. This causes relaxation and ultimately a smoother, softer appearance on the skin’s surface. After 3-4 months, the communication channels are restored, and the muscles once again get the message and are able to contract. This is why Botox and Dysport need to be re-administered every 3 to 4 months.

With a proper regimen, Botox and Dysport can eliminate even the most severe of frown lines with only a few injections and virtually no pain. Cosmetic dermatology is not the only use for Botox and Dysport, though. At its origin of use in the 1980s, doctors used it to correct troublesome ailments like facial twitches, erratic blinking, and lazy eye. Over the years, their uses have expanded to include treatment of vocal cord disease and more.

Nothing to Fear, Youthfulness to Gain

Knowing the roots of the compound and how it works makes it clear that it is a safe and effective method for treating stubborn wrinkles caused by overactive muscles. With side effects minimal and uncommon, such as temporary bruising or a mild headache, it also becomes obvious as to why so many people who have taken advantage of a Botox and Dysport treatment continue to do so.

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