Men’s Cosmetic Services in Burbank

Treatments, Services, and Procedures for Men

At Advanced Dermatology Center in Burbank, we offer a wide variety of services and treatments that benefit men. When you come to our professionals with a problem, we will do everything we can to find the right solution for you, tailored exactly to your personal needs and desires.

Men who have had treatment at our office have mentioned:

  • Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Having more even-toned skin.
  • Looking and feeling more youthful.

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Cosmetic Procedures That Benefit Men

We offer many procedures, treatments and services that can improve your look.

Here are some options available to you:

  1. CoolSculpting: A breakthrough nonsurgical procedure to freeze and eliminate excess body fat, particularly in troubled areas like love handles. For a more fit and sculpted look, CoolSculpting could be the process for you.

    CoolSculpting Before and After

    CoolSculpting Before & After

  2. Botox: A classic in the world of cosmetic dermatology, Botox injection treatments reduce age lines allowing you to look better and feel more confident.
  3. Fillers for men: Facial fillers are injectables that improve the appearance of wrinkles and folds in a way that is virtually identical to nature. Look more youthful and regain that competitive edge.
  4. Laser treatments: For many men, laser treatments might be the solution to pesky cosmetic problems. From hair removal and eliminating facial spider veins, to reducing acne and acne scars as well as wrinkles, feel free to talk to us about more advanced techniques and procedures.

Other cosmetic services we offer men include:

Unique Solutions for Men at Our Office

We proudly provide reliable and safe services at our cosmetic and medical dermatology office in Burbank. However, we understand that men and women do have different needs. Whereas women generally want to create more noticeable curves and contours, men present themselves in a more masculine and distinguished manner. Our treatments and procedures will be custom-tailored to you and your body. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to seek the answers you need. When you come to our Burbank Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology Office, you will find that we conduct business in a way that keeps our clients comfortable and well-informed.

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