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What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a condition often associated with easy flushing of the face, dilated blood vessels and redness on the cheeks and chin, as well as acne. Rosacea can be seen as a spectrum, on the mild end, one might only find redness and easy flushing. With more moderate cases of rosacea, one often finds pustules on the nose, cheeks and chin, which tend to come and go. A rare component of rosacea, mostly seen in older men, is an enlargement of the nose, called rhinophyma.

There are various medications and therapies used to treat rosacea. Stubborn redness or dilated blood vessels can be minimized with laser or bright light devices, such as IPL Photorejuvenation. For those that are prone to pustules, topical antibiotic gels and creams can be helpful. Many people also find that their skin improves with dietary changes, such as reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates, sugar and dairy. The only treatment for rhinophyma is with Laser or Surgery.

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Success Story

"The Fotofacial treatment has been the best and longest lasting treatment for my Rosacea that I have ever had. For over 10 years, I tried every cream available. When I came to Dr. Benest in Los Angeles, I looked worse than the before ads you see. Now I look 10 years younger!" - CS