Cyst Removal Procedures

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A cyst is a sac-like growth filled with pus or semisolid materials that form under the skin. Some cysts form due to dirt or microscopic particles getting stuck in a hair follicle, others are caused by infections, and some can be caused by tumors. No matter the specific cause of a cyst, it can be painful, lead to trouble health conditions, or cause significant blemishing or discoloration around the affected area.

At Advanced Dermatology Center, our Burbank medical dermatologists can perform cyst removal procedures for many types of cysts. We highly recommend that you come and talk to our staff if you have a cyst or any other abnormal skin condition that may require medical dermatology to correct. Contact us online or dial 818.284.4003 today.

Potential Treatment Options for Cyst Removal

Extremely large cysts that are displacing internal organs or putting pressure on internal ducts or nerves may need surgery to remove. Please consult with your doctor if your cyst will require surgical treatments. Our medical dermatologists specialize in alternate treatment options with a focus on removing small cysts before they become larger or infected.

When assessing a patient’s cyst, we will need to consider the following before proceeding:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Composition
  • Cause

In most cyst removal cases, we can aspirate the inner contents of a cyst using a syringe. This allows us to safely extract and collapse a cyst with very little pain or risk to the patient. Needle aspiration is considered to be highly effective and can entirely remove a cyst with one visit. Recovery time is essentially nonexistent, especially if the cyst was located near the surface of the skin and on a non-sensitive part of the body, such as the leg. Some cysts may require multiple treatments if they continue to develop.

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