Client Testimonials

I had to leave a review, as I owe my future health and life to Dr. Bibi. When I first saw Dr. Bibi a year ago, I had unexplained pruritus. After the examination for my localized pruritus, Dr. Bibi confirmed everything looked "normal", and went further in ordering a spinal x-ray to explain the pelvic-area itching. Upon review, he saw that my spinal cord was inflamed and was the very first doctor (after a year long quest) to question Lyme disease. He even ordered a Western Blot to confirm. However, since the Western Blot tests are highly inaccurate in nature(performed at Quest/through no fault of the clinic), I tested negative. However, it was his comment to me that inspired me to seek out a Lyme literate MD. Finally, after months of testing, I have tested positive! Not a great diagnosis, but without Dr. Bibi it could have been years more until I received the proper diagnosis and I am certain my quality of life would have deteriorated at that point. I can't THANK YOU enough Dr. Bibi...I have started treatment as of this week and I'm expected to make a full recovery.

Jennifer K.

Great service from Dr. Larian!!!

Emma P

Dr. larian is very friendly helpful and informative. I look forward to coming in each month.

Jaclyn Greer

Dr. Larry was the best! Very proffesional.

Jori Jordom

Very friendly staff nice location & comfy enviorment.


Dr. larian is great.

David Chase

Dr. Larian has been super helpful and really cleared my skin up.

Alex Chandler

Dr. Larian is great. He takes the time to listen and really explain the condition causes and methods to prevent future occurance.


Dr. Larian is great and the staff is excellent highly recommend them.


I don't even know how to begin to describe my miracle worker, Dennie! After a visit with her my confidence is boosted. She is excellent in making me look younger and a walk out of her office with more of a step to my walk! She is great! And i just love her!

Susan Dexter

Dr. Benest was great. She answered all of my questions and showed a lot of kindness. She was able to help with an allergy Ive had for 4 months. Would highly recommend her to anyone.

Ameeta P

Dr. Larian is knowledgeable kind and thorough. I have been a patient for 5+ years. My main reason for seeing Dr. Larian is to remove hand warts. We are almost done zapping them!


First visit to Dr Benest. I found her knowledgeable accessible and personable. Happy to have found this practice.

Ron Melrose

Doctor Larian was awesome.

Brandy Howard

Dr. Benest is great. Ive been going to her for years and shes always been helpful.

Parisa R.

Dr. Larian is excellent!


Dr. Lisa Benest was very friendly and helpful. She sorted my issues immediately and painlessly. Would definitely recommend.

Rihaab Cader

Dr. Larian is great! He takes his time and answered all of my questions and his treatment regime was spot on. I am very satisfied with the results!

Irv Parchman

Dr. Benest is amazing! She removed something I had had for a long time that I thought was a wart and learned from her it was just a mole. I wanted it removed anyway and the procedure was easy and painless. Thanks Dr. B!


Dr Benest has a great level of knowledge matched with a personal touch and comunication which leaves you with a high level of confidence in the support you are receiving.

Tom Harms

Friendly staff excellent bedside manner. Would definitely reccomend to others.


Dr. Larian was the best. He and Dr. Benest are a great team!

Mert Rich

Dr. Larian is very attentive towards his patients! I love seeing the results and would reccommend him to any family member or friend.

Natalie S.

Dr. Larian is a great physician and the nurses and office staff are all friendly and helpful.

Emily Anderson

Best dermatologist I’ve seen so far. Actually listens to your concerns addresses them and is amazing. I've already recommended him to friends would highly recommend!


Dr. Larian was wonderful. Put my worries at ease.

Paty Rivera

Dr. Benest is the best!! She is friendly and inspires complete confidence because she is so competent! Thank you Dr. Benest!

Jenifer Coleman

Everything was great as usual. Dr. Benest has a great personality and really listens to everything I had to say She takes a holistic approach which is both effective and has minimal side effects.

John Scillitani

Love Dr Benest. Very meticulous professional thorough. She does whole body skin checks for melanoma and I have peace of mind when she completes the exam.

Dave C.

The office is extremely organized efficient and friendly!

Gregory Ross

Dennie RN is awesome so personable and really take the time to qualify exactly what was needed when coming in for injectables I will be back!

Tessa Galvan

This is a great office with great staff.

Venla Makela

Dr. Larion is very helpful and dedicated to clearing up my symptoms. He takes the time to explain everything thoroughly until I am satisfied.

Hayley Arkovitz

Very helpful and informative. Made me feel a lot better as I was concerned about my skin.


Doctor Larian is great he's addressed all my skin needs!


I saw Dr Lisa Benest today and was an hour early and she saw me straight away. She was very personable and straight forward. I liked the office and staff too. Thank you!

Linda Allaire

Dr. Benest and her staff are AMAZING!!!! I have been coming here for almost four years and they completely cleared my acne problem. I have suffered from acne since the age of twelve and had literally tried everything! I have brown skin and had awful hyperpigmentation with dark spots everywhere and they cured me! Listen to them and follow the instructions religiously and you will NOT regret it!

Debbie Colucci

This was my first visit with Dr. Larian and the office staff at Lisa Benest office. Everyone was very pleasant and I was seen at my scheduled appointment time (yay no waiting forever)! Dr. Larian was very courteous knowledgeable and took time to address my concerns and answer my questions. Can’t recommend him enough. Two thumbs up!

Tim Biggins

Dr. Benest is incredibly kind and thoroughly answered all my concerns. Thank you!

Tony R.

Very friendly and professional.

Darren Keller

Dr Benest was both personable and knowledgeable. I was seen within 5 minutes of my appointment but also felt that she listened well and took the time to help me.

JR Smith

Pro staff


Fast and easy!

Paul Sanchez

Friendly staff and doctor.


The doctors did a great job at diagnosing and treating what was wrong. I would highly recommend.

Jeff Goodell


Maria Gambale

Dr. Larian is great! Thorough and helpful!

Tricia Carr

Dr Benest is always friendly and helpful and answers all my questions in way I can understand and make sense of and I definitely feel welcomed and well-handled when I come. I appreciate the good service and she is definitely a professional in her field. Thanks.

Tony Benson

Very knowledgeable and great bed side manner.


Dr Benest always provides several alternatives

Lisa C

Dr Larian was great as was the office. I was in and out in less than 45 min including a skin procedure and filling out new patient info forms.

Tim B

Visit was great!

Lourdes Garibay

Great experience!!


Dr. Benest is a great! She is very personable and never rushes you! I would recommend her to everyone!


The staff were absolutely great...all so helpful kind and professional with just the right amount of happiness and light!

Cecile Levin

Everyone is very professional and the doctors are extremely personable and caring.

Justin Zabinski

Dr. Larian is personable and has a very relaxing demeanor. He explained everything in a very straightforward manner. I would definitely recommend him.

C Meserve

Great service! So helpful and friendly

Laurie Halligan